Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Panaromic Art and John Lennon's B-Day

So, just to keep up with my blog, i decided to post a bit about what I've been doing. As a hobby, I like to work on game projects, whether its working with software like RPGmaker XP or using a modding program like Warcraft III World Editor. Something I've been interested in doing is, in a RPGmaker project, to do a panaromic background with multiple layers that scroll around at different rates to imitate a scrolling camera. Mountains far away stay fairly static in place while objects up close move much more. I'll post some of the progress I've had with that. I'm up to four layers right now, with the last layer still in a stage of progress, but the shapes are there and its useful to see how dense it'll look once all the layers are in place. I haven't decided whether I'd go beyond four layers. If I do go for a fifth layer it would be more for random doodads than a wrap-around treatment of generic landscape. But here are the layers as I have them:

So yeah, I'm pretty excited to see it once it gets into the program and all the layers start moving independently of each other. It should be noted that all of the layers "wrap" so I'm able to repeat them indefinitely. I think its extremely helpful that they would be scrolling at different rates since the shapes should combine in ways to make it less obvious that they repeat. Of course, the layer that has the highest probability of being noticed as repeating is the highest layer. So what I may end up doing is doubling the width of it and fill it in with more shapes so repeating it would be delayed.

I'm also looking forward to this Thursday, I hope to attend the Imagine Peace Paint-In in downtown Denver. Its a large event inviting local artists and local bands to paint and play (respectively) in Civic Park. I haven't quite figured out the logistics of carrying canvas, palette, painting supplies, and easel downtown but I should be able to manage. Hopefully I'll find my friends already down there and they can look after my stuff if multiple trips to my car are necessary.

Ooh, and something else exciting is that SOE is planning on releasing their new Legends of Norrath online card game set, Ethernauts, later this week. As soon as they do so, I should be able to get permission to post the work I've done for the set here and on my site. So look forward to that!

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Really dig these pieces...