Monday, August 25, 2008

New Character Art: Khurshel

I'm feeling pretty frustrated by the work I'm doing for SOE. I'm just struggling to find my mindset when doing some of the images; I can't find that one element in the image to drive me to finish it. I'm working with my main stay of finding repetitions of light and dark but I'm having a hard time finding suitable references for what I want to do.

Anyway, today, after a few hours of messing up one of the illustrations I decided to take a break and do an illustration for Khurshel, a D&D character I play. He's a beguiler/wizard/ultimate magus Illumian, but that's not he craziest thing about him! During character creation, the DM decides each character's magic items and he decided to give my character "The Suit". The suit is a magical tuxedo with a matching stovepipe hat...

Its very different from how I usually visualize my characters, but I ran with it (pictured right w/my bat familiar, Esma!). I'm very happy with the result... although... you could probably find the model reference by googling "tuxedo" within the first few pages. :S


Ellen Yu said...

The details in the vest are really beautiful.

Keep trying Richard. I remember John told me once that Van Gogh had a large amount of paintings and drawings because it took him 100 tries just to find the right fit.

Richard said...

That is usually what it takes. If i ever get stuck with something, like i cant find the right composition or pose, i sketch till my hands hurt. And i try to vary the sketches as much as possible. That way i get a better idea of the direction i might want to push something.

Richard said...

Richard M, btw.