Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Great Game is a forum event that I plan on running late 2008, or whenever GamingWorld 6 launches, whichever comes later. The game rules are fairly complex, but the main point that I'd stress in this post is that its a lot of opportunities to draw for me. Every other week, each day, I create a small illustration for The Great Game. More information will follow, but the game is something of an RPG/Risk Board Game. Anyway, I plan on setting up a website so its easier to disperse instructions. For that I've done the following works, representing the twin goddesses that work to split up the players among two forces. Red White (bottom) represents uncontrolled creation and passion while Lady Black represents negation and control through a negative process. Lady Black represents negative creation, in certain types of sculpture, such as marble carving, you create by removing material. Her powers and philosophy is centered around less is more; color is light bands negated.

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Ellen Yu said...

Very cool! Maybe I'll sign up to play ^^