Sunday, October 26, 2008

Umm, hi

So... I'm just waiting around I guess. Applied to Netdevil for the position of Concept Artist. It'd be exciting to get but I'm worried about the timing of things. Cause I'm sort of waiting on permission to show the images I did for Legends of Norrath. I'd really love to have that professional work in my portfolio so Netdevil will be all excited to hire me. So I'm kind of in an uncomfortable position of feeling that I'm in stasis while the world moves on. But I'm managing to distract myself I suppose. I started started a sketchbook thread in It'll just be a secondary place to post work as I do them besides posting them here. Its mostly to reach out to the community, but also I'm hoping to get mentored by one of the more experienced artists. Theres like an hour study of a boxer in the topic for now so its not even worth linking to as of now.

I'm also hosting a project on Gamingw, a community for game-creation hobbyists where I moderate the graphical arts section. I'm doing a 'Face of GW' project where I collect portraits of members and then run them through a morphing program to create a face made up of the averages of all the images. Had a lot of fun last year and I hope to get some higher quality images this year around.

Also! November 1st is's international self-portrait day! Just a reminder to any readers of this blog. The premise is that on November 1st, everyone needs to do a self-portrait and post it on that day. Heres a link in case you want a look-see, they also have links for the topics of previous years:

I suppose I'll throw up a sketch for a character I'm playing around with. Its an anthromorphic giant crocodile! Just trying to figure out his shape. Just a fun D&D character, I really wanted to push his ridiculous strength but trying to keep him crocodile (though I actually think he's an alligator... but the monster manual probably wouldn't care to make a difference).

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