Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Final Semester

I can't decide whether the break was too long or too short. I didn't really feel I accomplished as much as I should've, though I recognize that I did do some work. I'm just happy that it seems as that my classes have all been lined up for next semester. Going over my schedule, I have -so- many classes that I know will demand a lot of work. For a time when I ought to be focusing on developing my thesis show, I seem to be setting myself up for a breakdown. I've never had to deal with a stress-related breakdown before but the time seems ripe!

Also, I think life has just slapped me. I don't have any real work-experience and I have $200 to my name. I'm feeling very awesome about the future right now!

If I think about it, while I don't necessarily have any clock-in job experience, I seem to touch on a lot of cornerstones of what may be perhaps my future career. I'm not just a student who wants to be a concept artist; I'm a student who has done concept art. I go to the sites, I buy the magazines, and I moderate a forum dedicated to graphic art. None of this stuff pays but that might change. My friend wants to produce a trading card game and he's been very serious about recruiting artists. I don't really feel like he's paying anything near competitive, but if the product launches, I think it'd be a great thing as a student who already has art on a product.

I'm still non-confident with my abilities as a draftsmen and I still lack a core ability where I can take an idea and carry it all the way through to the finish. But, winning Best Artist on GamingW was a nice little booster. Well, here is to ongoing growth in the coming weeks!

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