Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What I've got!

I'm unused to posting things about what I have -unfinished- so this will get some getting used to. Umm. Well, I'm still working on work for Bamboo, the short film project that the Digital Animation Center is doing, I think Dan is planning on pairing me with one of the animators to work out the forest terrain. On my own initiative I sort of painted out a part matte part concept picture of a bamboo scene, I don't think its appropriate to the terrain but maybe the atmosphere is there.

I'm also in the preproduction course for the 2009 senior production, so I'll actually be doing the work for two films, which is really exciting for me, both because I'll have a chance to actually see this from the beginning and just because this is delicious for a resume. We're still trying to figure out a story hook for the production so you won't be seeing concepts from me until later.

Outside of school, I'm starting some work for my friend Dan on his Conquest trading card game. I've just signed a contract (one without NDA interestingly enough). I've always heard nothing but bad things about work-for-hire jobs but it sounds like I should be fine if I just need the images for portfolio purposes. I don't think Dan and his brothers are the type to take that away from me. Honestly, I'd really like to find out how Wizards of the Coast handles their contracts. *note to self, e-mail them about it!*