Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some New Old Art (HUGE LEGO POST)

I got tired of seeing myself on the front page of my blog, glaring accusingly at me for the lack of updates. I'm working on some contract work that can't be shown but I was looking over my mostly defunct website and decided to transfer some of the goodies over to the blog. I'm hoping in the future to make more of a showcasing portfolio website.

All of this work will be stuff I've done working on Lego Universe, over the two years that I had the pleasure to work there. It was great fun, great people, all of that jazz and very sorry it had to end the way it did. But, I now have stuff to post about! I'll have some more stuff later, more concept-y and less establish-y.

Spider Boss Encounter

Enemy Splash Screen

Crux Prime & Shield Generators (Did not make into the game :< )

Forbidden Valley Tree

Ninjago Earth Temple Court

Pirate Racers

Nimbus Station Enemies

Forbidden Valley Wall-Entrance

Gnarled Forest Racers

Nexus Tower (Exterior Shot)

Early Forbidden Valley Concept

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