Friday, January 25, 2013

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Portrait

So, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition just came out on Steam which I immediately grabbed for nostalgia's sake. Its still rather buggy and the networking isn't ideal currently (they plan on making it more netplay friendly). But nostalgia tends to be a powerful force when it comes to geekdom.

In any case, one of the things I loved about Baldur's Gate was that the resources in the game were fairly open, meaning I could drop in some files and I'd have some shnazzy custom portraits and voicesets to use. So of course, years later and a few professional gigs into my career I'm all about making my own portraits.

I probably could have used some stray model to do a portrait of but I was feeling egocentric at that moment and dug up a picture of myself instead; Which always causes its own problems as you have some sacred cows about your own appearance, at least I do anyway.

And of course I'm a mage.

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