Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday MTG Cards

Hi All,
For Christmas I made some of my magic buddies some Magic the Gathering cards as gifts, each one representing them as magic players or their D&D characters (which are them dressed as their characters). Been keeping these under wraps until after the holidays so they don't get a chance to peek but now I can reveal the set. I had to rush a couple to get them (not in time D:) for Christmas, so that's why some of them have uneven areas of finish. Also, facebook is at the same time a great place for reference and a terrible one. Its odd that some of my friends would have hundreds of unusable photos and others would just have the one perfect photo in their profile image. (just a note, I doubt blogspot will open the image at a decent size so just drag the image to a new tab or copy>paste image url)


Sean said...

Not even gonna lie that is awesome! can you check out my blog when you get a chance thanks!

Sean said...
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