Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Campaign Map

Hey all, just finished a map for my D&D map and sharing it here. It feels rather Elder Scroll-ish with the icons and naming conventions but I think its a provocative one; each name is a story in its own.

Dragon Talon Peninsula

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Nate Storm said...

Nice, I dig it- I don't know a lot about DnD but it looks very map-ey to me.

If you are looking for crit:
The mountains are painted in a very repetitive, formulaic way, they all have a "sweep" to the left. You may want to look at more reference and notice how they erode in a fractal-ish pattern.
Personal opinion about the names:
They are also very formulaic. I think there's room to break away from and still give hints to story and history.

On a slightly larger scale than specific points of interest, you could get into slightly bigger names like "swamp of sorrows (WoW reference, don't use)" or "shipbreaker bay (GoT reference, don't use)"

On the macro scale, people also tend to name things after how they look, like "Rocky Mountains", "Great Lakes" or "Iron Hills (LoTR reference, don't use)"

These are all sort of rambling thoughts, the end.