Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Finished(?) Version

I've put in more detailing into the face and tried to flesh out the roots a bit. It was hard to get a kind of bark texture on the roots because I wanted to keep them so thin, with the ruddy colors I used they actually started looking very fleshy and "war of the worlds blood veins"-esque. I started using a multitude of special effect layers to layer on top of the original and try to pull a more gritty worked into image. Also, I had forgotten that the work was for the CGchallenge which was themed around the circumstances of human-alien relationships. Originally I had then put in a McDonalds bag but it looked so much like an afterthought. My friend, Veronica Franklin was helping to critique the drawing too and she mentioned that it looked like he ought to be interacting with something. This was before the McDonalds addition and she had actually suggested something like a firefly off of the top of her head. But I decided to incorporate the McDonalds theme further and integrated a french fry into the image. This is actually the image I ended up submitting for the CGchallenge. Maybe its because I was overlaying some photography elements though, but the image seems fairly compressed in areas. It seems really bothersome to me but it must be some illusion or other thats making me see compression artifacts.

Heres an editted version with some small tweaks to the highlights and shadows as suggested by Bryan.

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Ellen Yu said...

Yay Richard! Keep at it!

The added McDonald thing is so silly. I think I remember Melissa Furness told me about her friend from Korea (I think) loves McDonalds and dressed up as fries for a party. With such great food in Korea, I wonder what was the appeal of McDonalds? Then, I recently ate an egg mcmuffin, and I guess I can see aliens can dig fast food.

I really like the final edited version. I think the viewer would probably miss McDonalds in the image, which is a great opportunity for a double-take. :D