Monday, May 12, 2008

From Scratch

So, Bryan was not impressed with my previous work. His e-mail hit me pretty hard. After I recovered I went back to photoshop and redid the alien. I think what I was missing from some of my pictures was that I wasn't looking at something while drawing. I'd look at artwork before and after, but I didn't have some kind of inspirational piece somewhere on the screen where I could pull ideas from. So I pulled up one of the artist's personal site links up that I have and propped up one of his images on my other screen as I worked. I decided it was easiest for me to deal with a drawing that grew out from black, it'd let me focus the painting more and give me a better basis to do the kind of silhouette drawing I like. I definitely was looser when doing this rendition, I think I had a kind of "fuck it" attitude at this point. But we'll see if that works for me or not.

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