Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Enter the fray

So, blogging was suggested to me by Bryan Leister, a professor at UCD. So here I am.

So I guess I'll introduce myself.

My name is Richard Tran, a senior undergraduate attending University of Colorado pursuing a BFA with a double emphasis in painting and drawing. In the future, I hope to somehow work in the game industry. A dream job would be working preproduction and postproduction for a game company. I'm also keen on working up a reputation as a fine-artist.

I'll post my digital work here as well as on my site, I'm looking to use this blog to talk about my work in detail that my site can't. I'll have to poke around this blog to feel more at home right now. This short intro should be fine for now.


Anonymous said...

medieve i am enjoying your choice of colourscheme

also cool we can use html

leaf said...

hey medieve, its your pal leafo. keep up the good work