Friday, June 14, 2013

Some freelance work for Quickcharge games

Doing some work on a project getting ready for a kickstarter opening, Steel Dragons. They've been posting some information about it on their website here:

I've set up for them a fun little psd which'll allow them to generate small map layout changes relatively pain free, with fancy clipping masks, smart objects, layer filters, and other things so the designers can change tiles and stuff themselves with ease. 

It was rather interesting trying to make a hexgrid map feel naturalistic and at the same time very painterly. Experiments with making it generally sepia and two-tone couldn't express all the various land types. Its hard to make lava say lava without a red or orange. 

I also helped them with a very simple mockup of a combat map. Repeating grass textures are a bit challenging for me, how much noticeable repetition is okay and what not. I messed with some masked curves and some small scattered details to break it up. Hopefull with more map 'doodads' and animated characters it'll be less an issue. 

Looking forward to working with Quickcharge for more assets. Its an interesting premise, sort of digital board game linked to multiple devices at the same time. I liken it to what some consoles are currently doing, but less awkward. It seems more natural for a boardgame to have a personal device than a videogame with separate handheld screens. 

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