Friday, October 5, 2012

Coming back!

Hi all, it seems I am again seeing a lot of time freed up in my employment schedule and that usually means my creative energies are finding some personal avenues to be funneled into. My last contract was actually some game design work which I found an amazing experience. I just really get into system design, numbers and how they correlate to experience. I've been doing balance and general design work for Vorp! a browser game hosted on kongregate.

Having explained that, I admittedly haven't been doing much arting which I'm keen to fix in the coming weeks. Going to start sending out messages to let people know I'm free for work and its pretty exciting to consider design work an avenue for me now that I feel much more confident about it. I doubt there's much need but I'm tackling that opportunity if it comes up.

Recently I've started doing a personal project of illustrating some friends as character (as I tend to do). Its a good way to ease back into some character illustration and trying to see where my art muscles are at. A friend also suggested this might be a good time to consider the world of fine art, which I'm hesitant to look into earnestly, I just don't know where I'd fit into that world of expression and self-direction. But we'll see, I'm meeting up with my friend, Veronica, who wants to show me around her gallery and maybe inspire me to become a member of Next Gallery. We'll see.

Enough distractions! Here's the first portrait of a series of characters based on some friends. My process is generally hunting them down and establish what sort of character they want, in this case my friend was interested in some sort of air-mage so this is my crack at it. Currently working on another portrait that includes a steampunk dog. Animals AND mechanics? Definitely some lackness of such in my skillset so I'm excited to see how that goes.

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Chef Boyardee said...

Hey Medieve!

It's Chef from GW! It's been a while! I hope you actually see this comment...

I'm making Barkley 2 and I was wondering if you're available for some commission work. We need a few pictures of the protagonist adventuring around done in the same style as the picture you did for Barkley 1.

Ugh, I have no idea if you'll ever see this. My email is cboyardee AT gmail DOT com. Definitely email me and we can talk about payment and work and everything and if you're busy, we can at least catch up.

Later man!