Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Era: Card design

I recently was given a link to by Mr. Mike Rayhawk. It looks like a standard printing company until you take a deeper look at their products page where you'll find that they print custom playing cards and other game accessories.

This was excellent for me because I've been playing a kind of variant 3.0 rules character for a Wheel of Time campaign. After playing a bit of 4th edition I was feeling like the melee classes in WoT was a bit lackluster and developed a system modeled after the sword forms from the books. The basic idea behind the system was that you get a deck of cards (I'd been using marked standard playing cards) representing opportunities to use any of 50+ different maneuvers.

Designing the components of a card has been really fun for me, particularly because I went through the extra effort to make some nifty icons for different stances associated with my variant system. I'll show those off in the near future but I thought I'd put up my card proof since I've just finished it. At the moment I'm not sure if I'm going to do a full card back, I might take a leaf from the Magic the Gathering cards and have a simple background with all the stance icons represented.

I'm such a nerd. 

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