Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New D&D Stuff

I need to get into the habit of posting new stuff I work on in my personal blog, its getting to the point that I'm no longer giving out this blog to employers cause theres nothing on the first page worth showing. Time to turn this animal around!

Doing some artwork for a D&D campaign I'm planning on rebooting, and whats a campaign reboot without a campaign map?

Had some fun with making this, bevel layer style is the hero of this piece when I accidentally bumped the depth slider to max and it created a really nifty way of planning out mountain ranges. I had to keep the image rather light because I'm meaning to note down locations and I didn't want legibility to be an issue. Some of the shadows actually might still be too dark so I might continue massaging it with some color balance or exclusion layers.

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