Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh yeah, I have a blog

So, I had downloaded the demo version of ArtRage 3. I enjoyed it, it makes me want to give painter another try. Doing this painting made me miss a few things like controlling how much paint is left on the paintbrush. Wish there was an option that would force you to "dip" the brush. I usually painted heavily in an area until the brush began to empty and then slowly blend areas together with what was left in the brush. In art rage I couldn't help but feel like I was doing single-line contour drawing since I couldn't lift the pen without it reloading automatically.


Veronica V. R. Franklin said...

Once the weather gets nicer it would be entertaining to go outside and paint. What do you think?

wiggiitt said...


glad to see your work, it's looking really good. are you still living in colorado?