Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two new images for January

Alright, I have myself a face study, Tortuga (someone from ventrilo) was doing a face study on ventrilo and I was bored so I stole the photograph that he posted and did my own study. Note to self: Get a solid drawing down when doing portrait studies.
Also, new character!

Made a new air genasi character in D&D and I was having some fun doing an illustration for him. Not completely done but here's what I have for today. I plan on finishing the hand and maybe redoing the gauntlet, the clothes need some polish too. There might be issues with the canvas color, I might do something with it to get his head and hair to pop out a bit. I'm also having problem with color profiles, apparently the color profile that I'm working in Photoshop is NOT the same profile that it uses to save my work, so my images are coming out lighter and with a blue tint to them :/
Bit nervous about the aftermath of a job interview.... was hoping they'd call by today, otherwise it seems like I'm waiting for... a kind of letter, which I hope isn't the sort that I think these letters are for. Didn't really feel I was a very COMPELLING interviewee, hindsight is 20/20 though, so hopefully I wasn't as bad as I thought I was. It did bring up a good point though, not enough thumbnailing on my site and blog, which was... crippling during the interview. So expect to see me uploading them more often along with their finished products. Except for these last couple of images... I kinda... didn't thumbnail... for them.

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