Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Test Image

Image Description

Location: A dungeon room.
Action: A large and pow
erful Troll swings his sword in a broad arc.
Focus: A tiny Gnome is nimbly ducking under the swing.
Mood: Little guy makes good!

This is the assignment I was given by Roger Chamberlain, art director of SOE. I've done about three redos of the assignment so far and this is the latest version I've been working on. I feel like I'm struggling a bit because I'm not used to have multiple figures in an environment like this. Its definitely going to be something I'm going to practice with this summer. Because I've been looking at this picture for so long, I'm worried that theres some things I'm just not seeing. Also, because the action of the picture is supposed to be the gnome ducking under a moving sword, I'm not sure how I want to illustrate that. The sword right now is a placeholder to however I decide to do it, but at the moment, theres a slight motion blur to it. My issue right now is whether it looks like the gnome is ducking or if they are simply posed together.

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