Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Further Developments

I got as far as I could with the character design without dropping asleep on my keyboard. I decided to keep the alien much more tree-like and I started playing with the branches and roots, making them look a bit more like an octopus' tentacles. I also think clothes was the easiest way to make them look intelligent, detract from their "treant" appearance, and elevate them as more mysterious, "How do they put on clothes!?!"

I also started the environment study. I was struck by inspiration when I was talking to Ellen earlier and decided I wanted the environment to be designed as a "cathedral of light." Which makes sense because the aliens are so plant-like that I wanted to flood their environment with light. I think the stark lights would also create very interesting speckling effects on the floor and in combination with the alien's own foliage.

I started looking up bizarre trees and I found I really like banyan trees, particularly their root systems and their odd behavior of growing supporting root structures from their branches. I thought this would be perfect to create columns or pillars in my environment. I also was interested in trying to recreate a cathedral's stained glass windows by creating intertwining branches and vines to create port-holes along the walls. A few wells of light above water fountains completes the environment. Since its 2:00am I think I'd like to sleep a bit before looking at the environment again. I'd like to come up with more ideas for it. I'll probably think about drawing out individual elements to give them more design-attention and to better illustrate their structure. The light well is particularly important I think because right now it gets lost in the stark value-image I have here.

Oh, here are some banyan tree images from google for good measure.

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Ellen Yu said...

I love how the alien tree has clothing lol. People may ask why and you would say "Because it is chilly at night!"

Yeah, banyan trees are awesome. All of those crazy roots make it a difficult drawing.