Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Reference Photos

I was able to get my classmate and friend Shane to model for reference pictures. Its really fortunate that I have a big friend like him. The character for the next cover project calls for an even bigger build, but indication of muscle definition is a huge plus. I tried a few photos with just the room lighting because I wanted try to get something similar to outdoor light first. The later pictures were done with lamps; I definitely like the controlled lighting better but I'd have to tweak the setting to allow such moody lighting. Maybe they will be fighting in the shade or something. I forgot to get references for Garric, the second character, he ought to be slumped down next to the standing character, Cashel. I don't really think it'll be much of a problem though, I think any reference will work fine even with it not sharing the same lighting, the way I'll paint it will probably be more indicative than a focal point.

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