Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Painters, Paintings, and Paint

So, working on four different projects is difficult! But I'm managing them for the time being. I'm really running out of time to do my triptych for the thesis though. I did a photoshop sketch just to knock out a running composition for when I come in tomorrow. My friend Veronica's husband, Todd, is my model for the figure in the painting. It works out because his hair is great and he's free.

Came out of my meeting with Bryan with a lot of thoughts. Its funny that sometimes you'll know how to go about planning out a painting and then forget and then it takes someone else to remind you that paintings take research! So I'm going back to and to browse through some artist's work. Definitely Gustav Klimpt is sort of where I'm grabbing inspiration right now. I think I'm attracted to his work because his figures break "real space", which is sort of something I'm after right now. His figures are sort of embedded into the patterning and the atmosphere around them.

But this is the image I have so far in any case, I'm still meandering about what to do with the bottom spaces. I like some of the ideas going into it so far but the sketch doesn't interest me as much as I want it to interest me. I feel like I really need to break up the larger color shapes and really dig into it. Patterning makes it easier because it can take up space but have a lot of content. I just have to make sure not to overdo it. I'm also starting to lose what I really want to do in this painting. I have my initial conceptual idea that I used in my proposal, but now that I'm doing the sketch and looking at Klimpt, I realize I didn't really have a clear visual idea of what I want to do. My study set my direction but I don't know which road to take in that direction.

Also, after Bryan showed me all of these luscious oil paintings, I really want to start working in oil again. I like the idea that my acrylics may look like oil paintings, but theres really no way to get brush strokes in acrylic without difficulty. I have very little experience with oil, Mary is there to help, but should I be switching my last semester? Bah.

Oh, and heres the reference photo that I'd like to use for my Tenoctris image, my sister modeled for me.

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Melon which rhymes with said...

That's Todd alright. :P

I'm in the same boat as you. My animation project is eating up so much of my drawing time. Arghh. I feel like I have done nothing yet for my Thesis.